Revised Resolution for Pensioners/Family pensioners of Maharashtra State

As per Government of Maharashtra Finance Department - Corrigendum No. PEN 1009/C.R.29/SER-4 dated 02nd Feb. 2010, the pensioners/family pensioners who are getting provisional pension/family pension on unrevised pay as per Rule 126, 130 and 140 (4)(a)(2) of the Maharashtra Civil Service (Pension) Rules 1982 should be revised provisionally.

The Government of Maharashtra further clarified that, if the amount of arrears is admissible, that should be paid in cash in single instalment to the legal heir(s) of penisioner/family pensioner after deducting/adjusting amount of advance sanctioned vide Government Resolution No. PEN 1008/CR 99/SER-4 dated 27th Oct. 2008. In respect of the Pensioners/Family pensioners who expired after payment of One or more instalments of arrears in cash, that amount along with the balance amount of Instalment(s), if any remained should also be paid in cash in one single instalment to the legal heir(s) of pensioners/family pensioners after adjusting/deducting of advance sanctioned vide agove Government Resolution.


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